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About Dementia Friendly Westford


Dementia Friendly Westford is the local branch of the larger grassroots movements, Dementia Friendly America ( and Dementia Friendly Massachusetts. The Westford group began in 2017 as a grass-roots effort involving representatives from multiple organizations, which continue to meet and work on issues. Representatives include:

  • Dementia care partners

  • First Responders-police, fire, EMTs

  • Council on Aging staff members

  • Assisted living professionals

  • Home care agencies

  • Local businesses and organizations

  • Community members

What makes a Dementia Friendly Community?

Community members who learn about dementia and how to interact with and support those with the disease

Helping the town’s businesses, town departments, social gathering places, and first responders become dementia friendly by hosting training's, and distributing packets about specific ways that each “sector” can become more dementia friendly.

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