Welcome to the debut of our website for Dementia Friendly Westford!

 This website is geared toward helping those with cognitive impairment as well as providing resources to businesses in our community. Although this site provides some general information and links to dementia resources, its main purpose is to spotlight efforts within our own community and build relationships to support those who are affected by this diagnosis.

More than 5 million Americans and 15 million care partners are living with Alzheimer’s Disease, which is the most common form of dementia. Concerned residents in the Westford MA, and surrounding areas are honored to take action that could vastly improve the lives of people with a dementia diagnosis and their loved ones in our own community.


Please see our Events/Education page for Dementia Friendly Programs as well as Caregiver Resources



Do you miss visiting the library?

Do you lack transportation?

Let Fletcher Library come to you!

I can bring you books, movies, magazines

and more. We also have 6 new kits care partners can check out to reminisce

and maintain connections and stimulation for folks living with dementia.

Please call Judy Madsen, Homebound Coordinator at



Cameron Senior Center

Contact: Alison Christopher,LICSW

Telephone: (978) 399-2325

Email: achristopher@westfordma.gov

Bridges By EPOCH at Westford

Contact: Sarah Turcotte, Director of Community Relations

Telephone:(978) 692-9541

Email: sturcotte@bridgesbyepoch.com

Senior Helpers

Contact: Jim DiGiorgio, Co-Owner

Telephone:(978) 467-4300

Email: JDiGiorgio@seniorhelpers.com